Design Services

Complete console design and control room planning.  From the smallest console details to control room layouts, our design team is here to help.

Human-centered design 

Our ‘human‐centered’ design approach starts in one place: with your operators.  Understanding your operators needs – how they interface with their equipment and other systems within the environment – is paramount and the centre of all console and control room design.  Adaptaspace responds to the challenging design and planning demands of 24/7 control room environments, providing collaborative design support for work flow analysis, equipment requirements, console design development and room layout design.



Working together with our customers, we focus on the immediate operator environment with emphasis on ergonomics: including reach distances, sight lines, physical constraints and potential hazards causing fatigue.  The human-focused approach to console design optimizes the interface between technology and people in control centre environments.

Adaptaspace console solutions are custom configured for each unique customer application and not only meet, but exceed ergonomic and thermal comfort guidelines, which is why we are a leader in control room console design. 



The Adaptaspace project design team starts the process with clarifying operational goals, critical requirements and constraints and then provides preliminary drawings to promote discussion and understanding.  Once the optimal  console design is established the control room layout begins to evolve.

Operator consoles incorporate the following common elements:

  • human factors requirements, for increased comfort and reduced physical stress;
  • equipment and accessory mounting flexibility to satisfy the needs of each user;

  • extensive cable management for easy installation and access;

  • modularity to allow future equipment and room layout re-configurations;

  • appealing aesthetics to reflect corporate identity and image.



A human-machine interface design process is required when planning a control room.  Multiple factors are considered, such as the orientation of consoles, shared screen information, operating system relationships, sight lines, acoustics, clutter mitigation, ancillary equipment placement, required room adjacencies — all of these factors can improve or degrade the control room operations.

Here at Adaptaspace working together with operations, architects, or designers, our project team will help you realize your vision without compromising the important operator functions and/or corporate considerations like budget, schedule and company culture. 

Our design team utilizes 3D AutoCad, 3D Solidworks modeling, photographic renderings, and/or virtual prototypes to complete the design process. We offer web-based video conferencing with the project team through each design stage, ensuring our customers are comfortable with the design before final sign off.

To aid in the design process we can provide:

  • Affinity Diagrams

  • Space Quantification (sizes, sight lines)

  • Room Layouts

  • Console Configurations (section, elevation)

  • Console Design (dimensions, fixed or sit/stand work surface…)

  • Color and Finishes Selections