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About Adaptaspace

Adaptaspace has a long and proven history responding to the needs of 24/7 operational facilities, supplying quality and innovation through our console workstation solutions and complementing control room accessories. We apply our ‘human-centered’ design approach towards the development of functional and responsive product solutions to the standards of quality, schedule, and performance, while keeping costs as low as possible to ensure our customers realize the best value for their investment.

Since being formed in 2003, Adaptaspace has been dedicated to the provision of complete control room console solutions for ‘Mission Critical’ 24/7 applications, including; emergency management dispatching and call-taking, process and system control, traffic management, security and surveillance, air traffic control, training and simulation, and technical support.

Our mission is structured with one goal in mind: to meet your unique console requirements for a productive operational environment today, using a cost-effective solution delivered in the shortest possible time, while providing a ‘future-proof’ console system built with 24/7 quality and durability which will adapt to changing technology and control room needs of tomorrow.

Quality Control

Our objective is to provide customers with zero-defect products, on-time and on budget from design to completion. We strive to reach the goal by continually monitoring and improving our processes. Our staff is committed to providing the highest level of workmanship which meets or exceeds our customers expectations.

To achieve our quality control objective, Adaptaspace  applies premium materials and emphasizes the importance of workmanship in design and manufacturing processes.  We carefully select suppliers which meet our stringent specifications and have only the highest manufacturing standards.  As a result, our customers receive a superior design based solution on schedule. 

Our QA Program and Document Control System is based on ISO 9001 recommendations and has been in place since the inception of the company.   The QA process is the foundation of our successful on-time project completion reputation . 

Health & Safety

We are committed to providing a safe workplace for our employees and our physical assets. This commitment to protect both people and property has been ingrained in our corporate culture and permeates every aspect of our business practices.

We maintain a safe and healthy work environment, perform scheduled maintenance on all equipment and machinery, and strive to eliminate any foreseeable hazards which may result in property damage, accidents, or personal injury/illness.

Our core belief is: responsibility for health and safety is shared and accidental loss can be controlled through good management in combination with active employee involvement.

As a result, Adaptaspace requires all management activities to comply with company safety requirements as they relate to planning, operation and maintenance of facilities and equipment.  All employees undergo regular safety training and are required to perform their jobs properly, in accordance with established procedures and safe work practices.

Environment & sustainability

Sustainable Processes

From electronic document submissions to the selection of green products, Adaptaspace is always looking for processes that improve our environmental impact.

We have worked with our suppliers to eliminate paper orders, reduce or eliminate non-recyclable packaging materials and take advantage of environmentally friendly products where possible.  By sourcing materials locally, we are able to reduce fuel and transportation requirements.

All paper, plastic, cardboard, printer ink cartridges, and scrap metal (including shavings), are recycled; and pallets from suppliers are returned or re-used. 

In a world where environmental awareness is increasing almost exponentially, technical furniture used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week has to contribute to the reduction of such pressures.  At Adaptaspace, we strongly believe that it is our responsibility to design, manufacture and deliver products that will not only reduce the impact on the environment, but also be friendly to its users.

Products we design, processes we use in our manufacturing and in our offices, materials we incorporate in our products, subcontractors we employ are all selected to a great extent for their contribution to improve our environment.

Sustainable materials

Adaptaspace uses sustainable materials in all of it’s products including but not limited to Steel, Aluminium, Wood, Textiles and Adhesives.

Our standard laminate offering is manufactured by Wilsonart, which is Greenguard certified, has low VOC emitting and includes 22% recycled materials; particle board used in work surfaces and panels is 100% recycled; Medium Density Fiber panels are derived from MPB (Mountain Pine Beatle) damaged trees; all wood is procured within 500 miles from Calgary; fabric is 100% recycled and recyclable.

In addition, we use water based adhesives for laminates and fabrics; environmentally friendly cleaning solutions; and powder coat paints which do not emit VOC’s.