The GENESIS Console provides a robust platform incorporating the latest ‘best practices’ in ergonomic workstation design while offering a very flexible, highly durable and architecturally aesthetic console system

Un séjour sans failleEach GENESIS console is designed for a 20+ year lifecycle under 24/7 use, and complies with ergonomic standards established by ISO, BIFMA, ADA, ANSI and CSA. 

Un séjour sans failleThe GENESIS console features a modular structural steel and aluminum sub-frame utilizing a unified frame construction design that ties each element of the console substructure into a contiguous whole, stabilizing all movement. Each console comes complete with equipment shelves, internal power/data distribution, and continuous horizontal and vertical cable management systems.

Un séjour sans failleThe rigid GENESIS worksurface is designed to provide a smooth level workspace and complies with all ergonomic standards have including knee well space, view/reach distances and keyboard height. The optional sit/stand height adjustable worksurface provides further flexibility by allowing for variable height positioning. 

Un séjour sans failleGENESIS is fully compliant with and has been successfully tested to the ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2008 standard.  

General Product Dimensions

Standard Dimensional Information:
Console Depth: Worksurface nosing to rearmost point = 38″(965mm)
Console Height: Floor to top of fixed worksurface = 28.5″ (724mm)
Console Height: Floor to top of single tier monitor = 46.5″ (1,181mm)

Equipment Capacity:
Monitor space
Maximum monitor size is limited only by the desired console module length (ex. if 72″(1,830mm) module length is required then maximum monitor case width would be 3 @ 24″(610mm) diagonal or 4 @ 18″(457mm) diagonal).

Processor Space
Shelf Type                            Fixed            Door Mounted             Slide-out
Maximum Processor
Width                              12″(305mm)      8.5″ (216mm)          12″(305mm)
Depth                          2 0.5″(521mm)     17.5″(445mm)       18.5″(470mm)
Height                             22″(559mm)     20.5″(521mm)       20.5″(521mm)

Note: The above information represents typical dimensions. The cross-sectional dimensions and components of the GENESIS console system can be extended to match any equipment requirements.